Abnormal Load Haulage & Escort Services

specialist solutions for wide and abnormal loads

The McDonald Haulage team will work with you to assess the needs of your project and the best method of transporting your wide or abnormal load. We evaluate any and all specialist haulage requirements thoroughly and will supply wide load escort vehicles where necessary.

We ensure maximum safety and security for your load

Within our fleet of vehicles, we operate a number of smaller vans specifically for wide and abnormal load escort purposes. All of our vehicles are maintained and inspected beyond the required industry standards, ensuring maximum safety, minimum downtime and lower environmental impact.

We can even offer a stand-alone escort service – please contact us for further information.

With McDonald Haulage we always aim to build a relationship that delivers. Find out more about our haulage and transportation service – call the team on 01349 855 920 or request a quote with our easy online form.

specialists in wide and abnormal load haulage

Experts In Abnormal Load Transport

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to moving wide and abnormal loads.


Lifting, loading and moving consignments that are wide, tall, heavy or otherwise abnormal requires expert logistics, equipment, experience and knowledge of all relevant regulations.

Transport Throughout The Highlands & Islands

McDonald Haulage is experienced in the transport of wide and abnormal loads throughout the Highlands, Islands and the UK nationwide.


We supply reliable wide and abnormal load haulage and transportation to clients from a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, renewables, building and construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and many more.

Huge Capacity And Flexibility

Our fleet of specialised vehicles, as well as our experienced and professional driving and transportation staff, give us the capacity and flexibility to handle every type of wide load haulage.


We operate a range of high capacity trucks and trailers, as well as smaller vehicles that allow us to carry out abnormal load haulage jobs, backed up by excellent customer support.

Specialist Transportation for Wide and Abnormal Loads

An experienced team to handle your escorted load requirements

Our transportation team are experienced in making the necessary arrangements to fulfil a wide variety of abnormal load movements.


Along with the selection of the most appropriate vehicle, our team will select and prepare the correct specialist trailer and escort radio-controlled vans to safely deliver your load.

Mcdonald Haulage takes care of all additional arrangements

Where additional permits and planning are required, our team will liaise with the appropriate authorities such as the Scottish Office to secure these in an efficient manner, avoiding any delay within your project.


In addition, we will take care of arrangements with local authorities and/or bridge authorities where required.