Recognised Throughout Scotland

You can’t miss a McDonald Haulage vehicle – our instantly recognisable red liveried trucks and vans can be seen everywhere from the Scottish Highlands and Islands, North to Caithness, East to Aberdeen, South to the Central Belt, West to Campbeltown/Fort William and even further afield into the UK nationwide.

Specialised vehicles

McDonald Haulage operates a fully-equipped haulage fleet, made up of modern, specialised vehicles, trailers and lifting equipment. Our vehicles range from our 44-ton gross artic units, rigid and HIAB trucks to our smaller escort vans and pick-ups, as well as our step-frame, flats, bulkers, curtainside and aggregate trailers.

Highly Qualified Drivers

Our fleet is operated by our qualified team of drivers, all of whom hold ADR and CPC certification, and coordinated by our transport team who arrange the supply of suitable vehicles for the task.


Maintained to the highest standards

All of our vehicles and equipment are regularly maintained and inspected to the highest standards, ensuring maximum safety, minimum downtime and lower environmental impact. We regularly update our staff and driver training to ensure the highest levels of safety, service and professionalism.

44-Ton Gross Artic Units

Summary & Best Uses
  • Highest Capacity
  • Containers, Palletised Loads, Plant & Machinery
  • Used For Wide & Abnormal Loads
  • Interchangeable Trailer Options

Highest Capacity

Our easily recognisable red artics are often spotted making journies throughout Scotland.

Our range of trailers including flats, bulkers and aggregate trailers allow us to safely and efficiently transport a wide range of materials, suitable for a number of industry applications. No matter your transportation need, our team will find you the right trailer for the job.


Lower than flat-bed trailers, our step-frames are designed for plant and equipment to drive on and off, as well as for high and large loads. The design of this trailer reduces the centre of gravity for higher loads.


Bulk trailers with easy roll covers are suited for loose materials such as fish meal and cereals, ideal for the fishing and farming sectors.


Aggregated trailers are perfect for the building and construction industries for hauling construction materials, as well as sand, gravel and stone.


Flatbed trailers are one of our most versatile types of trailer. These can be used to transport gas and chemical, containerised and palletised loads. When fitted with bolster pins our flatbed trailers can transport pipe and steel loads as well as structures such as portacabins and house kits.

Curtainside Trailers

Our curtainside trailers with quick-release slide curtains make it simple to transport palletised or bagged materials.

26-Ton Gross HIAB Trucks

summary & Best uses
  • Self-Loading & Versatile
  • Lift, manoeuvre & Position Materials
  • Less Need For Separate Equipment
  • Good For Hard-To-Reach Locations

Self-Loading & Versatile

HIAB trucks are self-loading, perfect for moving equipment and materials quickly and efficiently. Also known as HIAB loader cranes, these vehicles are extremely versatile and can be used to lift, manoeuvre and position materials – reducing the need for a separate mobile crane or forklift assistance on-site, improving cost-effectiveness.

Good For Hard-To-Reach Locations

The ability to load, haul and discharge their own cargo means our HIABs are often used to transport and discharge materials in hard-to-reach locations or where it is not feasible to utilise external lifting equipment.

32-Ton Gross Tipper Trucks

Summary & Best Uses
  • Capacity For Temperature-Controlled Loads
  • Can Tip Materials Directly Into Required Destination
  • Cost-Effective
  • Less Need For Additional Plant


Our tipper trucks are the ideal solution for moving materials and tipping them directly into the required destination without additional plant and associated cost required for discharge.

Suited To A Range Of Industries

Rigid insulated bodies are the ideal method for transporting temperature-controlled material, such as tar, making them a particularly suitable transport solution for construction and road maintenance industries.

3.5 - 12 Ton Rigid Trucks

Summary & best uses
  • Suited To Smaller Loads
  • Ideal For Difficult To Access Areas
  • More Economical & Cost-Effective
  • Perfect For Secondary Distribution

Smaller Loads, Economical Distribution

Our rigid trucks are ideal for smaller loads and difficult to access areas. Their smaller size also makes it more economical and cost-effective to transport product, perfect for secondary distribution and commercial deliveries.

Pick-up Trucks

summary & best uses
  • Ideal For Smaller Consignments
  • Used For Hot Shot Deliveries
  • Reactive, Ad-hoc Deliveries
  • Secondary Distribution

Ideal For Smaller Consignments

We maintain a number of pick-up trucks, which are just one of the types of vehicles we use for smaller and palletised deliveries. We offer a hot-shot delivery service, providing transport of smaller, urgent deliveries.

Reactive, Ad-hoc Deliveries

Their small size and versatility make pick-up trucks the ideal method of transporting tools, machinery and materials on a reactive, ad-hoc basis.

Secondary Distribution

In addition, our pick-up trucks are often used for secondary distribution, taking consignments from mixed loads transported on our artic units to their destinations.

Escort Vehicles

summary & best uses
  • Ideal For Abnormal Load Escort
  • Can Be Fitted With Communications Equipment
  • Maintained & Inspected To A High Standard
  • Can Be Supplied Stand-Alone

Reliable Abnormal Load Escort

We operate a number of smaller vans specifically for wide and abnormal load escort purposes. All of our vehicles are maintained and inspected beyond the required industry standards, ensuring maximum safety, minimum downtime and lower environmental impact.